December 21, 2018

New White paper sets out post- Brexit rules for migrants

Under the new proposed post-Brexit immigration rules thousands of low-skilled migrants could come to the UK to work for up to a year.

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December 13, 2018

Employers to have a grace period before EU right to work checks are made

Employers will be allowed a grace period before being forced to make immigration checks, once Britain takes their leave from the EU.

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December 12, 2018

British Citizenship Form MN1

Knowing how to register your child as a British citizen can be very stressful and complex. If you and your partner are non-British citizens in the UK,...

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December 11, 2018

Save Universities! UK Academics call for a new Brexit referendum

More respected education figureheads have added to calls for a new Brexit referendum.

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December 09, 2018

How long can an American citizen stay in the UK without a visa?

Because Americans are known as non-visa nationals in the UK, American citizens are able to visit for up to six months without a visa.

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