Sponsor Licence Suspensions

Sponsor Licence Suspended

In situations where UK Visas and Immigration believes that you have breached your sponsorship duties and pose a risk to immigration control, they may opt to suspend your sponsor licence temporarily while conducting additional investigations.

Sponsor Licence Suspension:

In the event of a sponsor licence suspension, certain implications and procedures should be noted:

1.     Impact on Sponsorship: During the suspension period, you will be unable to sponsor new migrants, and your business will be removed from the public register of sponsors. However, your current sponsored migrants will not be affected.

 2.     Reasons for Suspension: Sponsor licence suspensions may occur due to various reasons, such as inadequate record-keeping for sponsored migrants, unlawful salary adjustments, or the presence of an authorising officer who does not meet the appropriate qualifications for their position.

 3.     Duty Compliance: It is crucial to continue fulfilling all sponsor duties throughout the suspension period. Even if your licence is set to expire during the suspension, you must still apply for a Sponsor Licence Renewal if you wish to retain it.

 4.     UKVI Enquiries: Once UK Visas and Immigration concludes its investigations, they may choose to reinstate your licence, downgrade its rating, or revoke it altogether.

It is advisable to seek legal advice from an immigration specialist to navigate the process and ensure compliance with sponsor duties during a sponsor licence suspension.

Additional Information on Sponsor Licence Suspension:

If you have been informed that your sponsor licence has been suspended by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), it is essential to be aware of the following details:

1.     Review Period: You will have a window of 20 working days to request a review of the suspension decision by UKVI. This request must be submitted in writing and should outline the grounds you believe to be incorrect, supported by relevant evidence.

2.     Clear Mitigating Arguments: As the Home Office will make a final decision based on your written response, it is crucial to clearly articulate all mitigating arguments. Presenting a well-structured and comprehensive response is important to support your case.

3.     UKVI Decision: After completing their enquiries, UKVI may choose to reinstate your licence, downgrade its rating, or revoke it entirely. The final decision will be communicated by UKVI based on the information provided during the review process.

It is advisable to seek guidance from an immigration lawyer with expertise in sponsor licence matters to ensure your response effectively addresses the suspension and maximizes the chances of a favorable outcome.



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