British Dual Nationality

When you are granted British Citizenship you will not normally lose you existing citizenship unless the country of which you were a national requires you to do so as they may refuse to recognize your new nationality. Having British Dual nationality will allow you to become a British Citizen while simultaneously keeping your existing citizenship. You would still have the right to live and work legally in the UK as a British Citizen. As part of our support during your application process, we will discuss your options for Dual Nationality before your apply. Contact us on.., use our online form or email us about Dual Nationality.


How do I apply for British Dual Nationality?

Dual Nationality, otherwise known as Dual citizenship, is not something you would need to apply. You may apply for foreign citizenship and keep your British citizenship. Most countries do not allow dual citizenship so we recommend you contact the country’s consulate or embassy in the UK to check whether the country allows Dual Nationality before you apply. Contact our team to discuss any queries you may have.

As a dual national you would not be entitled to diplomatic assistance from the British government when you are in the other country where you hold citizenship.

How can A&S help?

Here at Alexandra & Spencer we assist many applicants from start to completion for British Citizenship by assessing your eligibility, check through your documentation and complete your application form to the highest standard.  We will prepare a letter of Representation to accompany your application, which will highlight the strength of your application, describing your merits and including any relevant law in support of this. We can also assist you by helping you to prepare for both your Life in the UK test and your English Language test. We will maximise your chances of success. Call us on , fill in the online form or email us today to take the first steps in becoming a British Dual National.

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