Civil Penalty

All UK employers must by law ensure all employees have the required permission to work lawfully in the UK by conducting ‘The Right to Work Checks’, under Section 15 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. If employers are not compliant with their requirements the Home Office may serve a Civil Penalty if a business is found to be in breach of its duties. If you have received a civil penalty it must be responded to immediately to avoid further penalties.

The penalty could be issued for hiring a foreign worker for whom you do not have the authorisation, or by hiring a foreign worker in a position for a job that is different than the details on the official offer letter.

An organisation could also receive a Civil Penalty by error. While this is very rare, mistakes can happen. Another thing to note is that the Home Office publishes a list each year of businesses which have received Civil Penalties. This list is public and can cause harm to your business reputation.

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