Talent Arts and Culture

Global Talent Arts & Culture: 

Talented and promising individuals in arts and culture interested in working in the UK can apply for the Global Talent visa route. As determined by Arts Council England, applicants must be leaders in their field, or have the potential to become leaders. 

There are many arts and culture-related applications that Arts Council England can endorse, including dances, integrated arts, literature, music, theatre, and visual arts (including artists who work in an artistic context inside galleries and museums).

In the Arts and Culture sub-category of the Global Talent route, there is no limit to how many applicants can be endorsed in order to qualify for the endorsement. 

Arts Council England Requirement For Endorsement:

For an Arts and Culture endorsement from Arts Council England, you will need to be professionally engaged in the production of work that has been performed, presented, distributed or exhibited internationally. 

Within the last five years, you must have been actively engaged in your field and be able to demonstrate a substantial track record in at least two countries (for applicants with exceptional talent) or a growing track record in one or more countries (for applicants with exceptional promise).

Arts Council England Evidence Requirement For Endorsement"

Arts Council England requires three letters of recommendation with your Arts and Culture endorsement application. You will need to submit two letters of recommendation from well-established arts and culture organizations who are recognized as experts in your field and at least one of these organizations must be based in the UK.

In addition, you will need a third letter of recommendation from another well-established arts and culture organization, or an individual you have worked with recognised expertise in your field.

Exceptional Talent Applicants in the Field of Arts and Culture

You will need to provide at least two of the following to demonstrate exceptional talent in Arts and Culture:

2 or more examples of significant media recognition from at least 2 countries (including your country of residence) for your work as an individual or as a member of a group or a contributor (such as an internationally renowned orchestra or dance troupe);

Award record: evidence of winning, or significantly contributing to winning, at least one international award for excellence; or

In addition to evidence of appearances, performances, publications, or exhibitions considered internationally significant in your field, you need to provide evidence from 2 countries 

(including your country of residence) of these appearances, performances, publications, or exhibitions. Alternatively, evidence of extensive international distribution and audiences for your work, whether as an individual, a member of a group, or a contributor.

Exceptional Promise Applicants in the Field of Arts and Culture

To demonstrate exceptional promise in Arts and Culture, you will need to provide at least two of the following:

In addition, you should have at least two examples of recent media recognition that you have received from at least one country (including your country of residence) for your work as an individual, a member of a group or as a contributor; or

One or more international awards for excellence must have been won, or significantly contributed to winning, or significantly contributed to being nominated for, or being nominated for, at least one international award for excellence;

The performance, publication or exhibition must show evidence of appearances, performances, publications or exhibitions that have been recognized in your field in at least one country (including where you live). You must also provide evidence of the international distribution and audiences of your work as an individual, as a member of a group or as a contributor.

Your application to enter or remain in the UK in the Global Talent category must be made within three months of receiving your Arts Council endorsement. 

The Global Talent route is available to applicants from within the UK who do not currently have, or were not granted, permission to stay there as a Visitor, Short-term Student, Parental Student, Seasonal Worker, Domestic worker in private household, or outside of immigration restrictions.

The Home Office will also assess your character and immigration history in addition to showing that you have been endorsed. 

Global Talent Arts and Culture Prestigious Prizes Route

The endorsement application may be fast-tracked if you have won a qualifying prestigious award, rather than having to make a separate visa application.

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