Life in the UK Test

As part of an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain or British citizenship the Life in the UK test is important to pass as this is a compulsory requirement for those wishing to apply for permanent residence in the UK.

The test is multiple choice and you are given 45 minutes to answer 24 questions based on the Life in the UK handbook, focusing on topics such as knowledge of culture, politics and history of the UK. The required pass mark is 75%.


Do I need to take the Life in the UK test?

If you are applying for settlement or indefinite leave to remain you are required to pass the Life in the UK test if you are:

Applying for indefinite leave to remain after five years of residency in the UK, as a spouse or partner of a British citizen or settled person; or applying after ten years in the UK.

You may be exempt from siting the Life in the UK test if :

  • You are over the age of 65
  • You have already passed the Life in the UK test for a previous application
  • You have a long term physical or mental condition

What do I need to book the test?

You will need your email address, debit or credit card and an acceptable form of ID.

What do I need to take to the test?

You must take the same ID you used to book the test.

You will need to take proof of address that has your name and postcode on it, dated within 3 months of your test date. This can be a:

  • Gas, electricity or water bill
  • UK photocard driving licence
  • Council tax bill
  • Bank or credit card statement (original or stamped in branch)
  • Letter from Home Office with your name and address

What happens once I have passed the test?

You will get a ‘pass notification letter’ which you must send as part of your application in its original form. You will need to keep the letter safe as you will not be given a replacement should you lose the original.

What happens if I fail the test?

You must wait 7 days before taking the test again, but you can take the test as many times as you need to. You need to book and pay again each time.

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