UK Fiance Visa

If you are a Non-EEA fiancé or proposed civil partner of a British Citizen or a person with settled status in the UK, you will need to obtain a Fiancé Visa in order to travel to the UK and get married or undertake a civil partnership ceremony. Your application needs to be made outside of the UK and you will need to marry your fiancé or register your civil partnership within six months of your arrival. You may then apply to switch into the Spouse Visa or Civil Partner Visa category in order to stay in the UK.

If you wish to get married in the UK but do not intend to reside in the UK for more than six months then you will need to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa for marriage or civil partnership, however, there will be no option to switch categories on this type of Visa. If you do not wish to marry or register a civil partnership or intend to do so within six months then you will need to apply for an Unmarried Partner Visa.

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What are the eligibility requirements for a Fiancé or Proposed Civil Partner visa?

The eligibility requirements for a Fiancé or Proposed Civil Partner Visa are that you must demonstrate to the Home Office that:

  • Your relationship with your partner is genuine; and 
  • Your intentions to marry or register a civil partnership are legitimate; and
  • You have access to the necessary funds to finance your trip to the UK

What are the application fees for a UK Fiance Visa?

**The cost of a UK Fiancé Visa varies depending on where you are applying from. The cost of applications outside of the UK is £1,523. For applications from outside the UK, the Fiancé Visa costs £1,523, however, if you are applying from within the UK the cost the application is £1,033 or £1,643 for the premium service. There will also be an additional fee for each dependent that is applying with you.

Currently, the fee for each dependent is…

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How can Alexandra & Spencer help?

One of our immigration experts will assist with each step of the application process, ensuring essential requirements are being properly met and demonstrated in order to reach the successful outcome required. When applying for this type of Visa the application form needs to be completed correctly, along with sufficient evidence to demonstrate the legitimacy of your relationship as this could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful decision. 

*** TURN INTO A TImELINE***We will consult with you via phone, in person (onsite or at your preferred location) or via social media and Skype. We will tailor our consultation and communication methods to your individual needs. 

We will assess your eligibility for a Fiance or Proposed Civil Partner Visa, checking through all documentation and evidence to satisfy the Home Office requirements; as well as completing your application form

We will highlight the merits of your case, using relevant legislation to support your application.

You will be given a letter of Representation which will be then submitted with your application

We will lA&Se with the Home Office until a decision is made

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