Emergency Advice

If your require urgent advice because you have been detained or are facing immediate removal from the UK we can help with an urgent same day appointment to help find you a solution to your issues. Same day appointments can be held over the phone, in person, over Skype or we can come and meet you.

You may be eligible to apply for immigration bail if the Home Office is holding you on immigration matters, which means you might be released from detention with conditions you must adhere to whilst on bail.

We will assess the whole situation during an urgent appointment with one of our immigration experts on the very same day, providing you with advice on the best course of action and how effectively this needs to be actioned. We will write up a Letter explaining everything that we have discussed and points of consideration which can be used as part of your application.

Contact one our immigration experts on 020 7887 1916, complete the online contact form or  get in touch on Skype or Social media.


What happens during the Advice Session?

Whether the session is in-person, over the telephone or via Skype, you will receive the same, consistent and professional service.

Your dedicated lawyer will:

  • Take detailed instructions from you based on the circumstances of your case
  • Discuss and advise you on the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules
  • Provide tailored advice on your options for application, the necessary application form(s) and related Home Office/government fees
  • Advise you on the documentation required in support of your application
  • Outline the expected time frames related to your case
  • Advise you on a plan of action for the options discussed and the relevant strategies for application
  • Provide an assessment of the chances of success for the application
  • Answer any follow-up queries in relation to the matter following the session

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Our highly professional, dedicated and knowledgeable specialists will do all the hard work to make the immigration process easy and understandable so you will be confident about successful outcome.