Sponsorship License Revocation

If you have received notification from the Home Office  that your Sponsorship License has been revoked, you only have a limited timeframe in which you are able to respond and resolve this.  We recommend you seek legal advice on how to handle the revocation. The most obvious option will be to remedy breaches in the compliance and responding to the Home Office to with a possible request to temporarily downgrade your license rating, in order to continue to employ Tier 2 workers. However, these options can only be discussed once the breaches are identified as each case is different. 

You should discuss with all relevant personnel, the position the company currently face in light of the alleged breach(es) and address the compliance issues. Agree a time frame and assign responsibilities to relevant personnel to ensure all employees involved are on the right page. We can assist to actively get involved with your meetings to support you through the whole process.

We will advise on the strengths and merits of your case and support you to make a decision on the right course of action. We can assist you to build a strong case to highlight that the revocation of your Sponsorship License will have major implications on the organisation and the possibility of the company losing out; ultimately affecting all employees. One our experts will aid the sourcing of evidence to support this and take you through the whole process; to maximise a positive outcome. 

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