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There is a need for demanding roles to be filled within organisations with the UK facing a skills shortage which is why more and more organisations are having to recruit overseas workers to fill these gaps. Firms who wish to employ someone from outside the EEA or Switzerland must be registered with the Home Office as an approved sponsor and hold a sponsorship license. The application for a sponsor license is time-consuming and difficult with the requirement of research and correct data to be provided as part of the application.

As a business that wishes to employ foreign workers you must be aware of the importance of making a strong Sponsorship License application, as this is key to employing such workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). You will require a Sponsor License even if it is to employ worker for unpaid or charity work.

Applications for a Sponsor License will need to be made to Sponsor individuals under the Tier 2 or Tier 5 points-based visa categories. You will need to decide on the individual within the organisation who will manage the sponsorship as the company should have a designated individual. Your application can be made online or by post. Once you have been granted a sponsorship license you will need to provide your prospective employee with a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) in support of their application; for which records must be maintained.

The current requirements and system as a whole is difficult to administer and once the complicated process of a sponsorship license has been completed, and you are granted a sponsorship license there is never a guarantee that the person you offer a job to will be granted a visa. As the number of visas allocated a month is capped we are here to help your application and support your employees to submit their application, ensuring you adhere to the cap on the number of certificate of sponsorships allowed. 

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