Medical sector

We offer a full management service for independent and public health and social care providers, assisting on applications for sponsorship licences, Right to Work compliance and Tier 2 Visas. Our support and guidance has helped non-EEA workers and their employees to aid during the recruitment and application process to ensure continued compliance, timely applications for extension and successful outcomes for settlement.

We specialise in advising medical professionals and their dependents on migration and settlement options, including the eligibility requirements for the relevant visa categories. We manage the application process for our clients from the initial application to liaising with the Home Office until a decision has been received. This avoids the risk of delays, completing lengthy forms and figuring out the best documentation to submit with the application. We also assist our clients with settlement applications and the process of obtaining British citizenship as well as a British passport. 

Our health and social care immigration service includes advice on the Shortage Occupation List, how to meet the Resident Labour Market test, the process for applying for new or renewing sponsorship licenses and audit of HR systems to ensure the data held is up to date and fulfil the conditions attached to the licence. We regularly visit hospitals for a drop in service, specifically for those working long hours within healthcare and medicine wishing to apply or discuss their applications with minimal hassle.

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