Detention Bail

You will be considered in breach of immigration control if your visa has expired or been cancelled and you continued to remain in the UK without submitting a new application form. If this happens the Home Office may decide to take action against you such as detaining you at a detention centre or prison and deportation (removal out of the UK). If removed, you may end up banned from re-entering the UK for up to ten years.  

If you have been detained by the Home Office or know of someone who has, you need to seek immediate legal advice. One of our immigration experts can advise you on your immigration bail, arrange visits for family members and work with you to find the best course of action and make your bail arrangements. Contact us today on 020 7887 1916, complete the online contact form or get in touch on Skype or Social media.


How can Alexandra & Spencer help with my detention bail?

Our Deportation/Detention Application Package offers a comprehensive service where we provide emergency advice to the individual detained and undertake and manage an application on their behalf.

This package includes:

  • Visiting the person at the detention center and taking detailed instructions about their circumstances
  • Providing tailored advice on the various options available to them and the expected time frames
  • Discussing and checking the information required to complete the relevant application form(s)
  • Completing the application form(s)
  • Collating and checking the documentation required to support application
  • Advising on any application fees and which application to make, such as claiming asylum
  • Producing a detailed representation letter outlining the circumstances and merits of their application with reference to any relevant legislation and case law in support of your case
  • Submitting the letter, the completed form(s) and supporting documentation to the relevant authority
  • Arranging payment of any application fees
  • Applying for bail to an immigration judge

How soon will you visit the detained individual?

We will aim to visit the individual in the detention centre as soon as possible. This may depend on lawyer availability and detention centre/prison visiting hours.

Our aim is to help them as soon as possible by beginning work on their application immediately. We will also apply for bail to allow them to go home as opposed to being held in the detention centre.

Although there is no guarantee of bail being granted, we have a high success rate in bail being granted to our clients.

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